Rapt Media

An interactive video creation platform

The Rapt Media Composer is a cloud-based editing suite for creating branching, interactive videos. Blurring the distinction between video and the rest of the web, Rapt Media’s interactive videos increase viewer engagement by letting them control their experience.

Rapt Media Composer
The project

Work closely with Rapt Media’s Engineering team to completely redesign the Composer, aiming to significantly improve the UX during their refactor from Ruby on Rails to ReactJS. From sign up to project publish, nearly every piece of the app was reassessed and updated.

Please note that this project was performed under the employment of Rapt Media.

From sketches and wireframes to comps

User flows and interfaces were sketched and wireframed to quickly test ideas and gather feedback.

Establishing UI standards

Software evolves over time to meet the evolving needs of users. To help maintain the product's design integrity over time, we created branding guides and UI kits.

Rapt Media UI Kit

A familiar UI for an unfamiliar market

A challenge for interactive video is its relative unfamiliarity in the market place. We didn't want to add unnecessary friction for project authors by providing them with an unfamiliar UI. So we researched what other software they're using and built our interface off some of the common patterns we found. Then we simplified.

Rapt Media login
Everything in the right place

We ensured that users are never left searching for information or a feature. Through wireframing and prototyping we were able to find the right place for every feature. While keeping an eye on their media upload progress they can be working on other aspects such as building out their video's paths.

Composer project page
A foundational structure

With years' worth of features planned in the roadmap, the software needed to easily to scale without hurting the usability or requiring costly future refactors. Working hand-in-hand with Rapt's engineers, we created a UI that thoroughly embraces the technology it's built upon while enabling forthcoming features to increase the usability, not damage it.

Composer node editor