Build iOS apps within Sketch

Qwikly is a Sketch plugin that helps users convert designs into fully-functional iOS applications. By enabling users to add interactions and data to elements within Sketch, Qwikly removes unnecessary barriers between design and code in app development.

Welcome to Qwikly
The project

As a design-oriented product, Qwikly's founders were seeking guidance from designers with Sketch experience to help hone their vision. In close collaboration with Tin Nguyen, we established a company identity and provided product design and direction through multiple early iterations of the product.

New identity

Drawing inspiration from Qwikly's goal of easing transitions between things—designers and developers, design and code—our logo design subtly conveys bringing ideas to life.

A design system

To help the Qwikly team develop while maintaining design integrity beyond the scope of our project, we created a complete identity guide with logo usage specifications, app icons, color palette, fonts and usage guidelines.

Qwikly UI kit
Bridging the gap

By handing off a lot of dev thinking to designers, the UI had a lot of ground to cover. We looked for creative ways to simplify the workflow and lower the comprehension barrier.

Qwikly interactions wireframes

Early interaction wireframes

The interactions pane

At the heart of Qwikly's concept was the interactions pane that enables users to add gestures, like taps and swipes, to Sketch elements, then define what actions are performed. Our UI design makes this completely intuitive.

Qwikly interactions pane